“Nosotros” (us, we)

Collaborative Paintings by Chicho Lorenzo and Kris Bowmaster

May 6-June 12, 2022

First Friday Opening on May 6th at 5:30pm

Two rivers joining into one.
The same water reflecting different colors.
Join the landscape of collaboration.
You’re already part of “Nosotros” (us, we)
Paintings of connection,
by Kris Bowmaster and Chicho Lorenzo.


Kris Bowmaster

For Kris painting is a place to go as much as it is a thing to do. The creative process is a daily touchstone, a sort of fight where no one gets hurt and beauty occurs. Each piece begins with an instinctive, spontaneous process and what follows is a long period of intentional nurturing-slowly adding details with oil paints until the painting is resolved. Bowmaster found painting over 25 years ago, while on a Peace Corps tour in Southern Africa. His work is inspired by dance, nature, and music. With an extensive body of work that is emotionally driven, bold, and arresting he strives to make each painting better than the last.

Chicho Lorenzo

Chicho Lorenzo is an artist known for his murals and sculptures that portray the communities they’re in, with surreal additions that interactively inspire us to dream. His most famous projects include giant Dream BIG, the Open windows mural that helped a whole town healing, the Nest Love sign, and the Monuments to Yourself, interactive bike unicorn permanent installations, in Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia. His work is based on mutual inspiration, and he coordinates whole schools and communities