Paige Naylor: Deep Listening

For me, the quality and creativity of a thriving community can be seen through the places and establishments that support its local artists and visionaries. I have found both inspiration and a feeling of artistic fulfillment through the Bridge, having participated in the Telemetry Music Series and observing other events that push new ideas, emerging art forms and community building. I have found that the Bridge is the perfect space for creativity to flourish and I want to contribute in my own way through Deep Listening.

As a musician in the area, I play synthesizer and sing dreamy melodies in local band Sweet Tooth. I also write and perform experimental electronic music in my spare time as I teach piano and voice students to make a living. My latest endeavor has been gaining my certificate in Deep Listening from Rensselaer Polytechnic University, which has slowly influenced every aspect of my being a musician. As some may know, the founder of the Deep Listening Institute was Pauline Oliveros: a truly inspiring and revolutionary composer and musician. As a woman and composer myself, I found an immediate draw to her music and teachings that led me down the path of being a (probably lifelong) DL student. It has given me a new way of hearing things in everyday life — a heightened awareness of sounds in my environment. I have become more aware of my body, have a better sense of well-being, and have tapped into a sense of calmness that I was previously lacking. Deep Listening has made me teach and write music in a more intuitive way, made me a better listener and improvisor while performing with others, and sparked my creativity in more aspects in my life than just music. Most importantly, though, deep listening through group interaction provides for a natural and genuine connection with others, musicians and non-musicians alike.

My hope is through this deep listening series, I can create a bridge between musicians and non musicians to perform together in a comfortable setting. I want to help to break down the performer/audience barrier while sharing a sense of community through music, but also provide people with a creative practice that is easily accessible and comfortable in multiple and everyday environments.

A typical deep listening session will include sonic meditation through listening and making music and/or sounds as a group in a simplistic but improvisatory fashion. This would also include performing (amongst ourselves) text pieces by Pauline Oliveros or pieces inspired by her work. Bodywork is involved, much like tai chi, yoga or contact improv dance, but promoting body movement in a playful and open way. Discussions are also encouraged inspired by dreams, imagination and listening experiences as a whole. Sessions will take place within the space at The Bridge but also off-site in nature and reverberant spaces. All are welcome!

Pauline Oliveros’ ‘Tuning Meditation’ at the Met Cloisters


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