Community Talent Showcase: PushPlay

There is no better way to show the creativity of the community than to create a platform to show its ability. Organized by Toni Eubanks, Push/Play was a monthly event that opened up just such an opportunity and the community embraced it. Whether music, poetry, storytelling, or visual arts, local artists presented their work and brought the community together to share their skills. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you are willing to get to know.”

Create a platform for local artists to share their skills and creativity
Build community relationships through the arts
Celebrate the vibrancy of the neighborhood

Photo Gallery

Toni Eubanks
Meechie Banks
Kenny Gray
Tanya Deckla Cobb
Liz Grande – Ballet
Elizabeth Calloway-Turner
Ike Anderson and the MRC Dance Crew
Keicon B. Cherry
Brandon Dudley
Page Hill
Mike Cantwell

Maria Chapman
OM Vocal
Maria “Charlie X”
Dante Walker

6 events
Presenting over 30 local artists of varying media
Growing audience – 125 people in July