Storystream is a storylistening project.

What do you feel when you see a cassette tape? A Walkman tape-player? A vintage aluminum Airstream trailer? If you are of a younger generation, perhaps you feel intrigue or curiosity. If your birth year is prior to 1980, these artifacts may elicit feelings of nostalgia or even reverence. These are many of the feelings the StoryStream project aims to evoke. These are the sentiments StoryStream cultivates throughout Charlottesville from your first glance to your last listen. Curiosity, intrigue, nostalgia, and reverence are the emotional leverage that StoryStream uses to lift up the vibrant stories of our shared humanity.










StoryStream is an experiment in story-listening. A partnership with the University of Virginia, this project utilizes a vintage Airstream trailer as a mobile “Story Diner” and recording booth. Students collect and share the perspectives of members of our unique Charlottesville community. Participants are greeted as they enter and are invited to order a story from the chalkboard menu. After listening to a cassette tape recording of a Cville story, they are invited to contribute stories of their own. This project is a tool to connect UVa students to the community while chronicling a vibrant and changing city. It brings a creative experience outside the walls of an art gallery to people who might not know they would like a cultural art experience.


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Featured Stories

Keep a Sharp Mind

“Beyond judgment I’ve learned non-resistance and to not resist so much what’s going on around you and I’ve also learned that sometimes when you fight so passionately for something that you love, you can end up destroying what you love.” – Elizabeth



I Can See the Sky

When I lived in New York I never saw the stars. But when I moved here I was like, “Oh my God! I can see the sky.” – Raquel


Last Week on Earth

“I was just sitting there playing with my guitar case open at a place where people watch the sunset. A couple had been sitting there in folding chairs and she came up and said, “Will you play Gone to Carolina?” I played it and noticed that both of them were crying.” – Dan Crandall Smith


My Grandmother

“[My grandmother] had in mind that she wanted to go to the best college in Virginia, which was UVA. But because she was black and female, she could not attend. But her grades and everything were fine, so UVA paid for her to go to NYU.” – Simona Holloway-Warren



“I opened my eyes and the Blue Ridge Mountains said to me: your blood and your DNA are in these mountains and you need to come home.” – Sharon Taylor


Claim the Crane

“Is it worth it?  Is potentially risking our life so that we could get the last ten percent of this clean…we do it.” – Anonymous


People Are Way Friendlier Here

“People in Charlottesville, in the South in general, are so much…kinder and warmer immediately and it’s taught me to be more polite.” 


The Importance of a Home

“It really, in many ways, is intangible, what owning a home means.  For one, it’s something that you have the opportunity to kind of create and put own personality into and make decisions.  It’s empowering to own a home.” – Garrett Trent


Halfway House

“It’s a lot of culture here so there’s a lot of different people and I feel more at home here, you know?  Because I can go up to somebody like you and talk to you and you won’t judge me…I can be me.”


I Wasn’t Supposed To Be A Cheerleader

“I loved being a cheerleader…I guess because it put me out front in a good way.  And I wasn’t supposed to be a cheerleader.” – Hilda Ward


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Photo Gallery

StoryStream at Love Fest 2017

StoryStream at UVa Art Grounds