Spring 2019 Top 10 Moments!

Take a look at our top 10 moments from Spring 2019. Keep looking! Maybe you’re in there somewhere!

1. It’s ne-on at Revel

Revel, our annual fundraiser, was a success!  We’d like to offer a huge thank you to all of the contributors.  We can’t wait to do it again next year!

2. Let’s swing with Wes Swing

Musician Wes Swing taught the SmART Kids this spring.  He played the violin and cello, taught them about looping, and got the kids involved in music creation together!

3. Mur-all I need!

There’s a new mural in town!  Sam Gray and Brownsville Elementary 5th graders worked together to paint this colorful representation of Crozet’s diverse community.

4. Porchella

Who wants to go to Coachella when you can go to the Charlottesville’s own Porchella? We partnered with the Tom Tom Festival to add our unique flair to Porchella with a mixture of traditional and slightly-more-out-there instruments.

5. Queen Charlotte(sville) Day

Did you know that Queen Charlotte, is our city’s namesake?  We celebrated with the Queen Charlotte Society! Costumes, paintings, drawings, and more! Queen Charlotte Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate Black women throughout our community and throughout history who shape our world.

6. We wheel-ly love Charlottesville 

Hurray for the Charlottesville Mural Project! Rain can’t stop these mural enthusiasts.  The Tom Tom Festival and Cville Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee partnered with The Bridge to guide these cyclists on a tour of Cville’s great murals!

7. Through Our Eyes

The March exhibit, “Through Our Eyes,” focused on teen response to the events of August 11th and 12th, 2017.  More than 30 students in Charlottesville and Almbermarle contributed to the gallery. The opening night event featured film, sermon, and slam poetry!

8. Tele-meditation

We got into the spirit of electronic music this April with Telemetry!  We celebrated experimental music with artists Ted Coffey, Travis Thatcher, Gardener, and the Mice Ensemble.

9. The Best Way to Start Your Day

“I come in peace but I’m not giving up” Artist Federico Cuatlacuatl, born in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, brought us artwork and and an insightful discussion! He helped build community through his anti-racist kite-making event, and hosted a Creative Mornings talk speaking on the theme “Inclusive.”

10. That’s a Rap

Saeoh & Nak created a graffiti mural for UVa’s Rap Lab, headed by A.D. Carson.  Panels were painted and then installed in the classroom. The live painting party featured performances by UVa Rap Lab students.


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