Reserve free short-term space. The Gallery is your temporary studio.

Charlottesville is contending with 2 pandemics; an uncontained virus and systemic racism. Both pandemics continue to threaten the health, security, stability, and lives of members of our community. The Bridge is making our Belmont neighborhood gallery available for the cultural or creative pursuits of anyone grappling with or displaced by either pandemic.

At no charge. 

This opportunity is open to anyone in our community. Group sizes will be limited/monitored, social distancing will be maintained, and sanitation of the space will occur prior to each occupancy. For those uncomfortable with these measures, outdoor courtyard space is also available.

How much time can I reserve? Well, How much time do you need!? We will do our best to accommodate, but, in the spirit of sharing, we’ll make sure that no one individual monopolizes the calendar. Do you need a weekend for a photography project? great! Need some consecutive Tuesday evenings to distribute handmade masks or anti-racist literature? perfect. Need 6 hours on a Friday evening to work on that novel in silence? we gotcha.

Do you have tables or anything? Yep! We’ve got about 5 folding tables and folding chairs you’re welcome to make use of.

What about displaying artwork for a short while? Totally. The walls will be clear and large scale artwork is visible at a distance. This isn’t an opportunity to display a monthlong exhibition, but if you have a pop-up exhibition in mind or would like to be able to display for the sake of photographing or live-streaming, that would be great! Tell us about what you’d like to do!

I’ve got a big idea. Are y’all going to be ok with my big idea? Probably! If you have questions, you can check with us first. send an email to: director (at) the bridge pai (dot) org.