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Performance and Fundraiser for SARA

As an outreach component to the Empowering Women of Color exhibition, the participants have chosen to hold a fundraising event at The Bridge on...   Read More

NO WAKE Public Artist Residency Celebration

This family-friendly event is free and begins at 5:00 with refreshments and a chance to mingle–food will be available for purchase from Cote-Rotie Food...   Read More

2nd Message in the Bottle: What is NO WAKE, anyway?

Dear Person, I hope you got my last note. I’m going to stop hinting around and being all mysterious, and explain to you what...   Read More

1st Message in the Bottle: NO WAKE & the Public Artist Residency

Dear Person, If you’re reading this you got my message. I am here and you are there. For now anyway. I want to know...   Read More

No More Violence

About The Project This is an ongoing series of community-led artistic projects that utilize art therapy, art activism, and eco-friendly street art to address...   Read More

About Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell

Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell is a theatre and performance artist, a lady arm wrestler, and a single mother. She has co-created theater, performance art, and...   Read More

3.5.7. Ensemble

Nick Anaya – Tenor Saxophone James Davis – Trumpet Chris Dammann – Bass Dylan Andrews – Drums 3.5.7 Ensemble is a creative music collective that...   Read More

Push Play #2

Push Play: Its not just what you know, it’s also who you’re willing to get to know! Push Play is a monthly opportunity for...   Read More

Bent Theatre Performance

Improv Theater: 20+ comedians bring their A-games to every show. A mix of “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, “Second City”, “SNL”, “MadTV”, “Comedy Sports”,...   Read More