That ABCD Life

About the Project

ABCD=American Born Confused Desi. That’s what they call American kids of Indian Descent. This photo exhibition explores some of the identity issues associated when people feel split between two cultures.
Photography by artist Madhavi Red
di seeks to share the sentiments of Indian-Americans from all over the country. Join us to discover what “That ABCD Life” is all about. In addition to the photo exhibition, Madhavi will screen her short film “Ashimas of Charlottesville” which documents the experiences of women who have immigrated straight from India to Charlottesville, VA.


Madhavi Reddi is a multimedia artist of Indian heritage from Charlottesville, VA. Her interest in the arts began at a young age and has continued all the way through her undergraduate education at American University, where she graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in Film and Media Arts. Madhavi has a vested interest in the arts of India and wishes to dedicate her life to the promotion of these arts. She hopes to combine her passions, Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance), filmmaking, photography, and writing to create projects that stir discussion and enthusiasm on the preservation of the arts.


I had been wanting to create a project that voices the thoughts of Indian Americans like myself for a long time. To some extent, I felt that the Indian American perspective had not been explored much in the field of photography. Here in America, we see so many photographs of the “exotic” India, but what about those of us who are right here?

One day, while browsing through some “Humans of New York” photos, I thought, “wouldn’t it be great to have an outlet like this for ABCDs? We have a lot of interesting things to say!” And thus “That ABCD Life” was born. I shared the idea with a few friends and they immediately jumped on board. Now you can see them on the walls of this exhibit at The Bridge.

This is an ongoing project. I still invite any American of Indian descent to share their thoughts through this platform. Together, we can eradicate the word “confused” from “American Born Confused Desi” and replace it with words such as “confirmed, cultured, and confident!”