The owl of Minerva arrives only at dusk

Exhibition opens FRIDAY AT 7 PM EST – 11:45 PM EST

A dance film in seven parts by Zap McConnell, on view each night after dark in the windows of the gallery. Run time 39 min. Looping each night in November until dawn.

*Note* Due to pandemic restrictions, there will not be an opening reception. The public is welcome to visit any evening throughout the month. Please be respectful of others.

“The owl of Minerva arrives only at dusk” is a seven chapter dance for film, using movement, symbology and location to explore the themes of structural white supremacy, legacy, intergenerational trauma, the opiate epidemic, misogyny and the interconnectedness of oppression. This film interweaves embodied research into injustices in/of the Americas and the consequential trauma that persists, tackling issues of family legacy and environmental racism.

Director Statement:
“Being from North Carolina USA, yet having traveled all over this country, i am often dismayed by how people outside of the “south” use the existing racism of my bio-region to turn a blind eye to the racist actions where they live. in this work, filmed in NC and VA, also my home, we explore new perspectives from anti-racist work folks from all over are taking and have been taking, through the lens of dance. i believe finding creative ways to explore the interconnection of oppression and trauma can lead to experiencing how connected we all are- the joy, and responsibility. art as action!

This film is dedicated to the ecology of compassion.”

The Owl of Minerva Arrives Only at Dusk | Chat with the director: Zap McConnell
Online Event: Monday, November 30, 2020 at 6 PM EST – 7 PM EST

To close out our November video installation, join director Zap McConnell along with contributing artists for a discussion about The Owl of Minerva Arrives Only at Dusk. Discussion moderated by Katie Schetlick.
Prior to the chat, we invite you to view the work in the windows of our gallery (209 Monticello Rd.) or at