Top 10 Moments of 2018

We don’t know about you… but the New Year has us feeling nostalgic. We’re feeling warm and fuzzy about the Cville that we’ve been proud to call home for over a decade. With your support and engagement we’ve been very busy! Together, we’ve celebrated over 205 events, performances, talks, healing arts workshops, socially engaged projects, and youth educational programs throughout our community.

We really need your support in the new year. As you scroll through and see some of the worthwhile things that have happened in 2018, please consider what it’s worth to you to keep this culture, creativity and connection alive in 2019.

So, here it is! Our top 10 (or so) moments from 2018.


1. The New Mural at Hydraulic & Georgetown Roads.



Emily Herr and Eleanor Doughty worked their tails off making this community mural both impactful and beautiful. The entire initiative was lead by theCharlottesville Mural Project (a program of The Bridge) and Albemarle High School Students. With our help, students wrote the call for artists, chose the finalists, provided conceptual input, and even painted! We love looking at the process photos and seeing an amazing work of art emerge step by step! See more here.

2. Golara Haghtalab: Bridge & Tom Tom Artist in Residence.



Golara Haghtalab is an artist, chemist, and designer who sees technology, science, and innovation together through a creative lens. As the Bridge Artist In Residence at Tom Tom Festival, Golara explored the creative properties of light by incorporating sculptural, dance, and workshop elements. Her workshop “A Brief History of the Color Purple” was extremely engaging! See more here.

3. Revel: Our Annual Fundraising Bash.



There’s really not much you can say about Revel. You just gotta be there! With excellent acts like We Are Star Children, September 67, and pnqbud, as well as interactive art experiences orchestrated by board member Bolanle Adeboye, 2018’s revel was off the chain. Don’t miss it this spring! See more here.

4. Redefining the Family Photo w/ Cville Pride.



Love is love. and family is family. The Bridge was proud to host this exhibit in partnership with Cville Pride which highlights the many definitions of “family” in our community. We’re glad to have Cville Pride as part of our family. See more here.

5. Twilight Bicycle Ride.



We organized this fun ride with The Piedmont Environmental Council and the Charlottesville Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Council. Sure, it may have rained a little… but we still had a blast! One of our favorite parts was pedaling past our David Ellis mural! See more here.

6. smART KIDS After School Program Antics.



Consistently one of the most rewarding things we do, we see artists and students learning from each other every week at Clark Elementary School. Whether it’s shadow puppets, holiday cards, splatter paint, or slime, there are always plenty of smiles to go around. The whole goal is creative discovery… and there’s plenty to go around. and glitter. so much glitter. everywhere. See more here.

7. Creative Reckoning Dinner & Discussion.



Conversations about Charlottesville, race, and equity are always challenging. When Cville artists get to talking, we challenge each other to do better and dream bigger. This discussion lead by Serena Gruia, Jason Lappa, and Destinee Wright is still bearing fruit into 2019 with more great ideas continuing to find legs. See more here.

8. Face to Face: Portraits of our Vibrant City.



The whole goal is to use the intimate nature of portraiture to see people connect with each other. We commission artists to create portraits and gift them to community members. The products: A better connected Cville and a collection of portraits representing our vibrant and diverse city. Mark your calendars for February 1 to see the 2018 collection on display in the gallery. See more here.

9. Gallery of Curiosities: Community Curation at its Weirdest.



This uncanny October exhibit celebrated the oddness lurking in every closet and basement of Charlottesville. Intended to inspire awe and wonder, The Gallery of Curiosities included over 50 contributors displaying their creations and collections in epic form. Did we mention the PACKED calendar including All-Ages Show & Tell, A presentation on The Psychosis of Collecting by Lulu Miller & Lina Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas, and an extremely curious Halloween party! See more beautiful photos by Kyle Petrozza.

10. Graffiti Art Demo & Exhibition.



Now entering its third year, 9 Pillars Hip Hop Fest took over the gallery with another righteous graffiti art pop-up. The Bridge is a proud supporter of the 9 Pillars fest and we love to see this art form get some respect. Don’t miss the fest this spring. See more here.

11. BEAST! …Annie Temmink’s Monstrous Creations.



How many times this year did you see art come off a wall and dance around the room!? We’re guessing only once. Annie transforms cardboard and everyday items into works of fantasy. Her diy ethic holds a special place in our hearts. See more here.

12. Telemetry: Music on the Cutting Edge.



Whether Unicorns in the Snow is simultaneously scoring and choreographing her home videos or Xolile (X) Madinda is jamming with UVA’s own A.D. Carson, this monthly collaboration with the UVA Music Department is sure to expand your horizons. Each time, we deliberately host a local act, a UVA act, and an out of town act on the same bill! It’s been great to watch collaborations and influence emerge from this sonic experiment. See more here.

13. The Collaborative Residency Examines the Notion of “Self.”



Each summer we select three artists to share space and collaborate and learn from each other. This year, Aidyn Mills, Karina Monroy, and Jum Jirapan helped us examine what it means to see ourselves. They brought their work outside the studio as well! Hosting over 7 different workshops on building confidence, being expressive, celebrating one’s culture, and embracing challenges. See more here.

14. So Much New Art by Fresh Artists.



We love being a laboratory for people to test out new ideas. Some of our favorite new creativity in 2018 included Ed Miller‘s People’s Portrait Project, Veronica Fitzhugh and Aerial Perkins-Goode’s photo/poetry collaboration Spring Bouquet and LeeBangah’s Record Release. We are always looking for ways to equip and empower the next big idea that comes our way.


Yeah, yeah, we know that was more than 10… but a lot happened in 2018! If you’re like us, you can imagine a Charlottesville without the creative hub that is The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative. Please consider making a contribution to help us continue to be your hub for culture, creativity, and connection.