Top 10 Photos:: February 2019

Our top 10 moments of February 2019. Keep looking! Maybe you’re in there somewhere!

1. All About Presentation

Local artist Chicho Lorenzo paired up with UVA Student and DJ Lindsey Shavers to create this fantastic portrait for this year’s Face to Face: Portraits of Our Vibrant City. Chicho’s painting was one among a growing collection of portraits by local artists of local community members that filled the gallery. Check out the rest!

2. Elemental Sound Orb

The National Student Electronic Music Event (N_SEME) took over the bridge for two nights with a variety of interesting and innovative student composer-performers. Here’s a snap of Anruo Cheng’s audio-visual orb controller, just one of many unique performances!

3. Notes on the Go

Our StoryStream Storytelling trailer made a guest appearance at the Notes on the State Podcast Release Party. Choose a story and put on a pair of headphones to explore the state of our nation today in relation to one of its most complicated figures: Thomas Jefferson. Listen for yourself!

4. Life Mimics Art Mimics Life

Remy St. Clair meditating upon the mysteries of life and art with his portrait by Jum Jirapan, part of the ongoing Face to Face: Portraits of our Vibrant City. More portraits here!

5. Lights, Camera, Talk Box

Composer-improviser Alex Christie is the best person to invite to a party in all of Charlottesville. He brings the lights, the sound, and the… talk box. Here he is looking good in safety glasses during his explosive performance at one of the N_SEME late night concerts. Check out more sick pics!

6. Step Up 6: Paint Moves

There’s never a dull moment with smART Kids. The problem with arts education these days is they don’t focus enough on developing artistic leg skills! Thankfully we have Jum Jirapan to help correct that. You can see the results here.

7. Just Gargoyles

Local long-form improv heroes Big Blue Door are regulars in the gallery. Here we can see some typical gargoyle improv. Typical. See if you can guess what else they got up to this month in these photos.

8. The Real Randy?

Randy was so excited about the 3-dimensional portrait Tobiah Mundt made of him as part of Face to Face! Too bad he forgot his face fish for the photo.

9. Loops Loops Loops

Aaron Dilloway, revered figure in the Midwest American experimental/noise scene, was the guest artist of the National Student Electronic Music Event. The Bridge was packed and people were absolutely stoked to get blasted by the raw sound of tape loop and inner mouth contact mic madness.

10. smART Kids Cheesin’

The students of smART Kids take risks and sure aren’t afraid to get a little messy. Maybe we should all be taking some lessons from them instead? For more smART Kids inspiration take a look here!


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