Travis Thatcher: “Voice of Saturn” and Voice for Musicians

Travis Thatcher is a pillar of Charlottesville’s music community. His dedication to the local scene includes serving on The Bridge’s programming committee and helping to facilitate Telemetry–a music series unlike anything else. Travis performs locally and nationally as Voice of Saturn and has recently released “Shapeshifter” available through DKA Records on cassette tape or digital download

For the past 6 months or so I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Bridge’s programming committee, helping to further the mission of bridging different communities together through art and especially music. As the technical director for UVa’s Composition and Computer Technology program in the music department I work closely with the graduate composers and faculty with an incredible amount of talent and diversity that I really wanted to help bring to the greater Charlottesville community. Since moving here 3 years ago I’ve been actively involved in the local music scene with various projects and I noticed that there needed to be a night where local, touring and UVa artists and composers could perform together and share ideas – thus Telemetry was born and its’ idea seemed to dovetail perfectly with the Bridge’s mission. The series allows the Charlottesville community to engage with UVa composers and musicians in a setting off-grounds that is easily accessible to everyone. Drawing on the rich networks of local composers and performers, we also are able to bring in great performers from out of town to play in a uniquely intimate setting. At The Bridge they get the opportunity to share the bill with Cville’s amazing local artists all in an effort to foster creative collaboration and networking.

As a member of The Bridge’s programming committee I’ve also really enjoyed learning about other programming and being able to offer my input and support where I can. Once again I was able to serve as sound engineer and tech director for this year’s Revel which was a total blast! I’ve been really lucky to be a part of Charlottesville’s vibrant music community and have really had a blast performing here, including a recent set for May’s Telemetry. I also just released a tape of my own music, including a piece from that performance! I am looking forward to the continued programming of Telemetry in the 2017/18 season as well as helping to bring other musical events to the Bridge and the Charlottesville community.
Listen to the Shapeshifter by Voice of Saturn: