Tricontinental Acts of Solidarity

Exhibition Opening: Tricontinental Acts of Solidarity
November 1st; 5:30 – 8:30pm

The Bridge and The Center for Global Inquiry & Innovation present Tricontinental Acts of Solidarity, a month-long exhibition and public humanities project that frames our current era of global solidarity politics through looking back at one of the most significant solidarity movements of the twentieth century, the Tricontinental. Through the innovative films, posters, and magazines that it published in four languages and distributed globally for over four decades, the Tricontinental became the primary engine of politically radical cultural production worldwide. The month-long exhibit of Tricontinental materials, along with a series of workshops and discussions between researchers, students, and community members, will be held at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative in November 2019.

Through the Tricontinental’s powerful films, posters, and magazines that it published in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic and distributed around the world, it played a pivotal role in generating international solidarity with the U.S. Civil Rights Movement as well as with the anti-apartheid struggle. Its vision of global resistance was shaped by its foundations in black internationalist thought and by the close involvement of African American and Afro-Latinx activists.

Because of its importance to the solidarity politics of contemporary social movements, there is currently a resurgence of scholarly and public interest in the Tricontinental. For example, its colorful posters –– which stated solidarity with movements around in the world in four languages –– have recently been the subject of exhibits at the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, the Kemistry Gallery in London, and the Stony Island Arts Bank in Chicago, among other locations. Tricontinental Acts of Solidarity will display these rare, original posters and magazines and screen some of the films at The Bridge Progressive Arts Alliance throughout the month of November 2019. Tricontinental Acts of Solidarity is organized by UVa Professor Anne Garland Mahler and supported by The Center for Global Inquiry & Innovation; UVA Arts & Office of the Provost & Vice Provost for the Arts; Spanish, Italian, & Portuguese; Latinx Student Alliance; The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative; HotHouse: The Center for International Performance and Exhibition; and Casa OSPAAAL.

Tricontinental Acts of Solidarity Gallery Opening (11-1-2019)

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Tricontinental Acts of Solidarity: Community Discussion (11-12-2019)

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Political Poster Workshop with Zahir Qureshi (11-16-2019)

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