World Art: Refugees


The World Art Exhibit features thirty-three drawings created by refugees from eight countries.  All of the work expresses aspects of refugees’ lives in their home countries. The artists live, study, and work in the Charlottesville area. The World Art Exhibit is the brain-child of IRC Volunteer Susan Patrick.  A life-long art teacher, Patrick wanted to create an opportunity for refugees to express themselves artistically, while inviting the community to participate and learn more about how the IRC in Charlottesville helps refugees rebuild their lives.  Patrick partnered with IRC ESL Instructor Heidi Gordon, Girl Scout Troop Leader Cherry Stewart and Zakira Beasley to collect the drawings from adults and children served by the IRC.

The Exhibit will also feature “The Things They Carried” a documentary by Elizabeth Culbertson.

This Event takes Place in partnership with the International Rescue Committee and Lighthouse Studio.


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