Zoe Cohen

Zoe Cohen is an artist and filmmaker who grew up in the woods of North Carolina.  She holds a degree in Studio Art and Screen Studies from Clark University in Massachusetts.  After college, Zoe spent six years living in San Francisco, California where she started her filmmaking career.  When not working with film or hiking the mountain ranges, Zoe continued her explorations in photography, printing, sewing, and pottery.

In 2013 Zoe moved to Charlottesville, Virginia where she works as the Program Director for Light House Studio.  Upon returning to the east coast, she began focusing more of her artistic energy into pottery.  Her current work with clay comes out of a desire to unplug from technology and recharge from the earth.

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I will work with clay to create a unique piece of pottery for each shareholder.

My work for this project addresses the tension of the everyday busy nature of humanity. We are so plugged into technology that we forget to slow down, unplug, look up, and see each other. Above all, we forget how to be alone. We forget how to exist without an audience. Pottery, because it is literally of the earth, is grounded. Pottery is grounding.

To drink tea out of a handmade mug is to exist in time and space – to be able to slow down. To notice a mug’s imperfections reminds us of nature’s imperfections and of our own. We are human. A mug’s uniqueness brings the owner closer to the artist. These hands that drink from the mug hold the form that was created from the artist’s hands – there is a direct connection without having met.

In addition to offering the owner an opportunity to slow down their own speed, my aim with this work is to connect the community. Using surface design and form I will create a unifying theme that threads one piece of pottery to the next in this set of thirty. The work will serve as a series. The attempt is to incite a curiosity in the owner to find the owner of the other pieces and strengthen the community connection through art.