Zoom-a-thon Membership Drive

On January 16th, you joined us as we launch our membership program with an old-fashioned tele zoom-a-thon — complete with live MCs and a variety show for your entertainment! You showed your devotion to community art while:

  • Learning a TikTok dance
  • Receiving a collective Tarot reading about 2021
  • Seeing a mural painted in real time
  • Hearing local music
  • Experiencing expert storytelling
  • Making Music
  • Helping us reach our goal of 25 new members.

See What You Missed!

Take a look at some of the talented acts at the 2021 Membership Drive

FEATURING: Alex Christie, A.D. Carson, Cliff Bernier, Kat Sommer, Elaine Nadal, Brian Donnell James, James Cole, Chicho Lorenzo, Jum Jirapan, Cathy Monnes, Nauder Namaky, Leslie Scott Jones, Sri Kodakalla, Katie Schetlick, Heather Mease, Alan Goffinski, Patricia Asuncion

The Bridge has been busy this quarantine with tons of programs, including creating opportunities for artists to make their work. Through access to studio space or relief funds, we have been working to ensure that artists are still creating, even while much of the world is at a standstill. We’re asking YOU to become more connected and devoted to community-driven arts & culture by becoming a member of The Bridge. Membership cost is flexible so you can commit at any level you’re comfortable and still get juicy perks.
Monthly contributions from Members provide a foundation for The Bridge to maintain the crucial programs our city loves while exploring new creative possibilities. Plus, great perks include exclusive Bridge gifts & swag, discounted event & fundraiser tickets, artwork raffles, discounted Bridge merch, social media shout-out opportunities for your creative projects, and more.

Membership cost is flexible, and starts at just $10 a month. If you’d like to learn more, visit and make sure you tune in to the zoom-a-thon!